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Compression / Braided Packing

Compression Packing is a soft, pliant and resilient material that is configured for inserting into an annular space or stuffing box to seal a rotary or reciprocating device such as pumps or valves. Compression Packing is also known as Braided Mechanical Compression Packing or simply as braided packing or mechanical packing.

We offer a complete line of high performance packing for pumps, valves, and other rotating equipment. We also offer packing for special purpose applications such as soot blowers, rotary steam joints, agitators, door seals, and knife gate valves. Industries served include:

Pulp and paper
Chemical processing
Power generation
Water treatment
Food Processing

We can offer compression packing to handle temperatures to 1200 Deg F, pressures to 5000 psi and 0-14 pH. Typical materials of construction include:
 Vegetable fibre packing
 Aramid fiber
 Carbon yarn
 Flexible graphite
 Graphite yarn
 PTFE Fiber
 PTFE/Graphite fiber
 Acrylic fiber


Sealing Technologies Products Compression Packing Brochure


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