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Sea Curtain walls, Sheet Piles and Stop Blocks
One of Sealing Technologies core area of operation is manufacture of Stop Blocks, Curtain walls and Sheet Piles for Civil Foundation Works, Port, Harbors, bridge, Rivers etc. We have a competent team which has experience and capability in providing expertise for designing, Manufacture and Installation of Curtain walls, Stop Blocks and Steel Sheet Piling which includes U profile Sheet Piles, Z Profile Sheet Piles and Straight web Sheet Pile to suit various applications and operating conditions.

Since 1988, We are specializing in Custom fabrication and have worked with many major Industries throughout the World. Our specialty is we do not have off the shelf products but concentrate only on designing and fabricating to meet specific demands of the Industry at large. As a specialized Custom Fabricators, we offer Sea Curtain Walls, Stop Blocks with the best in custom welded marine accessories.

All of our products feature marine anodized heavy-sea curtain wall and Stop Blocks assembled and welded by Qualified and Experienced TIG welders available. Our highly skilled Personnel and Engineers carry our fabrication and assembly operations in our state of the art facility centrally located in Toronto, Canada . We have a specialized team carry out design as well as Installation of Curtain walls, Sheet Piles and Stop Blocks for any applications, when called for.

We also feature a full line of Pressure Welding, Molded rubber products; Specialized Custom made rubber products, Expansion Joints and Industrial and marine coatings.
From the most basic Marine Infrastructure to for any of your custom marine fabrication, Sealing Technologies Inc is your choice for Customization, Product Durability, Complete Service and Total satisfaction.

We welcome your ideas and comments and look forward to discussing your next Project.

Curtain walls and Sheet Piles:

As one of the

world's main players in the cold formed steel sheet piling industry and with state of the art facilities , superior operational Technology , Sealing technologies offers the most comprehensive range of cold formed steel sheet piling which includes U profile sheet pilesZ profile sheet pile and straight web sheet pile. We specialize in offering custom made sheet piles with high level of dimensional accuracy and outstanding technical service for our customers.   

We will provide a brief insight in to some of the jobs that has been carried out in this specialized field:            

In the most contaminated zone large volume of oil, a couple of million cubic meters of soil was dredged from the River. Work involved was the construction of an 880m long in-river sheet pile wall to contain the more heavily contaminated soil.  Sheet piles up to 28m long were vibrated through very dense sands using four floating crane rigs and a 550 tonne land based crane.  The company used four piling vibrators to install the piles including one of the largest piling vibrators in the world which was imported from Europe.

Part of the work was to install steel tube piles for the silt curtains which enclose the work areas together with the removal of a steel barrage from the embankment.

Curtain Walls:

Some of the types of Curtain walls are:

Micropile Deep Foundations and Secant Walls

Borepile Deep Foundations and Contiguous Walls

Driven Pile Deep Foundations

Another sample Project was to design and construct a 700 + metres long sheet pile wall to allow excavation of the contaminated soils. The design of the wall was optimised by the incorporation of a rock bund to provide support to the wall in lieu of using a more expensive conventional anchor system. The construction methodology included for the progressive placement and removal of the bund as the remediation works proceeded.

Sample Project Overview: To prevent possible downstream transportation of re-suspended sediment the entire dredge area was enclosed within a steel sheet pile wall.  The dredge area was divided into areas of high and low PCB concentrations. The high concentration areas were enclosed with silt curtains and air curtain gates were installed to allow for the movement of marine equipment.  Sediments were removed from the river using an environmental level cut clamshell bucket, placed into sediment scows and transported to the unloading dock. At this point the material was loaded into trucks and hauled to the dewatering/stabilization area before transport to the disposal facility.

This Project involved Supply and Installation of Sheet Pile to Enclose Dredge Area
Supply and Installation of Silt Curtains to segregate “Hot” Areas
Supply and Installation of Air Curtain Gates

Custom turbidity Barriers / Slit Curtains :

Turbidity Barriers are designed to keep silt, sediments and debris from migrating from off a site and into open waters. Applications include dredging, marine construction, sheet wall/pile driving, and shoreline revetments.
Government regulations require the debris to be contained within the work area and not to let it migrate in to water ways causing environmental damage.

There are wide differences between turbidity barriers. Off the shelf turbidity barriers will provide some protection but generally are inadequate for most applications. Some of the factors that need to be considered are:
  • Size of the Sediments
  • Velocity of the Water flow
  • Deflection angle relative to current
  • Debris likely to be encountered
  • Government Regulations and Environmental restrictions
  • Deployment Period
  • Water Depth & Tides
Hence, Sealing Technologies has the Capability to provide such Custom solutions – Custom Turbidity barriers involving Sheet piling, Stop Blocks and Curtain walls will be the ultimate solution for such applications.

Stop Blocks:

One of the interesting Projects was to design and construct a Roll-on Roll-off and Lift-on Lift-off wharf on Island which is within a specific harbor and is part of early works to facilitate the deliver materials for the construction of the Liquefied Natural gas plant.

The Roll on Roll Off wharf will be used to unload pre-assembled units for the plant which will be up to 83m long, 29m wide and 25m high and weighing up to 3,200 Tonnes. The Lift on Lift Off wharf will be used for unloading components weighing up to 250 Tonnes. The hardstand area behind the wharves is designed for a working load of 140 kPa.

Works included the following:

Construction of a 230m long HZ combi wall

Installation of anchor ties to the wall

Please call Sealing Technologies if you need to discuss any such projects and our experienced Engineers will be more than happy to discuss and offer our expertise in this field of operation.

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