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Flexible Metal and Hose Assemblies

Flexible Metal Hose Assemblies

We supply high quality corrugated and strip-wound hose products to a broad sector of manufacturing and process industries. We distribute Flexible Hose assemblies from reputed manufacturers who are leaders in advanced flexible metal hose engineering and has the highest reputation for the design , manufacture and supply of high quality Flexible stainless steel ,Bronze and PTFE Hose Assemblies.


Flexible Metal Hose Assemblies – Stainless Steel , Bronze

The selection of the correct metal hose is critical to insure optimum field performance. To achieve this there are number application requirements. To design the most cost effective engineering sound product , the word STAMPED is used as a check list.

S - Size / hose & fittings
T – Temperature
A – Alloy / Hose and Fittings
M – Motion and applications
P – Pressure
E – End Fitting attachmnents
D – Developed assembly length

S – size of the existing piping and mating fittings . Flow Requirements
T – Maximum service temperature of the application
A – Corrosion resistance of hose & fittings alloys for the media conveyed
M – Type of motion – Angular , axial, offset , radial, random , vibration , amount and frequency
P – Burst , test and operating pressure ; Constant , pulsating or shock pressure
E – Methods of attachment applicable to type and alloy of hose and fittings
D – Minimum hose live length for type of motion ; Hose assembly length and fittings ( overall length )

Types of Flexible Hoses :

Offered in Standard Pressure Hose
High Pressure Hose
Ultra high pressure Hose 
Ultra Flexible hose
Specialty Hose

 Common Metal Hose Fittings :


Male NPT Nipple / Hex Male NPT Nipple / Class 150 Female NPT Half Coupling / Grooved Pipe End / Class 150 Female NPT Union / Welding Nipple 37-1/2” Bevel / Class 150 LB Raised Face slip on flange /  Class  300 LB Raised Face slip on flange / Class 150 LB Flat face plate flange / Class 150 LB Raised face weld neck flange /  Class 300 LB Raised face weld neck flange /  Class 150 LB Lap Joint Flange with Stub end / JIC Swivel Female

Metal Hose selection Factors :


  1. Pressure
  2. Maximum service temperature
  3. Flow velocity
  4. Motion
  5. Motion Frequency
  6. Cycle life


PTFE Hose Assemblies

We supply engineered PTFE hose solutions that help our customers manage corrosion, batch purity, thermal cycling and a whole host of other tough, harsh operating conditions in their process applications. We specialize in PTFE hose, and we can offer braided medium pressure, high pressure, convoluted, smooth bore and rubber covered hose. We also supply various styles of fittings and adaptors. Custom designed fittings can also be offered on special request.


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