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Grooved Metallic Gaskets / Kammprofile Gaskets

Grooved gasket is the best choice when improved performance at low seating stresses is required. It features excellent anti-blowout properties together with the reliability of a solid metal-to-metal seal combined with a soft sealing face to provide a perfect joint. Metal gaskets with grooved faces have proven to be very effective for sealing flange connections, and are particularly suitable for applications where high temperatures, pressures and fluctuating conditions are encountered. Non-metal cover layers ensure that flanges are not damaged, even at very high loads, and provide excellent sealing properties when supported by the grooved Metallic gasket.
It can be used as an alternative for applications associated with jacketed gaskets (for heat exchangers, vessels and reactors and various flanged connections.

Advantages :

  • Capable of sealing pressures exceeding 250 bar.
  • Capable of withstanding temperatures up to 700°C.
  • Effective in maintaining performance under condition of fluctuating temperatures and pressures.

Solid construction provides stability even for large diameters and ensures trouble- free handling and installation. Hence, no buckling during installation or service.

Gaskets can be fitted to existing assemblies without modification.

Shape and Construction :
The grooved gaskets are produced mainly in three different styles to suit the most stringent applications ;

The most common types are :

PS 1 : This type are for use in confined locations, including male and female,

tongue and groove, and recessed flange arrangements.

PS 2 : This type comes with integral solid outer ring and are recommended for use on standard raised face and flat face flange assemblies.

PS 3 : This type replaces the integral solid outer ring with a loose fitting outer ring , which can also be spot welded ; Recommended for use where there is a possibility of flange differential radial thermal expansion .

Grooved Gasket Dimension 1
Grooved Gasket Dimension 2


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