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Industries Served by Sealing Technologies



Sealing Technologies serves wide range of Industries with the manufacture and distribution of leading edge high quality Gaskets and sealing products.

We are globally committed to provide leading edge Gaskets following the latest technological trend at the most competitive prices backed by outstanding customer service and technical support.
• Petrochemical and Fertilizer Plants
• Refineries , Pipelines and Oil rigs
• Chemical Processing Plants
• Fossil, Hydro, and Nuclear Power Plants
• Valves, Pumps, Blowers, Compressors, Furnaces
• Steam and Gas Turbines, Pressure Vessels
• Paper , Pulp and Board Industries
• Metallurgical Industries – Steel and other Metal Processing
• Internal Combustion Engines
• Mines and Minerals
• Marine Industry
• Food Processing Industries
• Water & Waste
• Semiconductor & Electronics
• Manufacturing
• Construction........


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