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Metal Reinforced Gaskets


A Metal Reinforced Gasket is a rigid laminated gasket consisting of soft layers bonded to each face of a solid metal core by a high temperature/chemical resistant synthetic bonding agent.
While the solid metal core prevents gasket blowout, it provides high strength and rigidity: and the soft facings provide an exceptional seal. The soft facing material flows easily into the flange faces allowing a high integrity seal, even under low applied seating stresses.

The metal core material is selected to suit the application design conditions and the media to be sealed. A wide range of core materials are available, from the relatively low cost carbon steels, through the range of stainless steels up to the "exotic" alloys. For chemical resistance and temperature stability purposes, the correct core material must always be selected.

Standard core material is either 304 or 316 stainless steel, and standard core thickness is 1/8".

The soft gasket facings can be Flexible Graphite, PTFE, Compressed fiber gasket material. However, Flexible Graphite is the standard and most widely used facing material supplied with the MRG gasket.

Suitable up to pressure Class 300, the Metal Reinforced Gaskets is widely used in the chemical and petrochemical industries, where a high temperature/corrosion resistant, high integrity joint is required.





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