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We are capable offering design, material selection and Manufacture of any Gaskets / Seals for all service areas.

Application Engineering & Consulting Services
Sealing Technology Application Engineering and Consulting Project Team offers support to find the right sealing solution for specific customer projects.
Research & Development
Using State of the art equipment and latest technology , Sealing Technologies experienced R & D team explore the most recent trends in new materials, constructions and applications.
Trouble Shooting & Problem solving Expertise

Our engineered-solutions to flange leaks are based on the vast fluid sealing expertise and on-site skills of our Technical team. We are available for solving problems when and where the need arises. This includes the selection of adequate gasket material,consulting and assistance in designing and installing gaskets in critical applications to ensure that gaskets are properly mounted, as well as offering application recommendations.
Die-Cut, Proto-type and Custom Gaskets
With the state of the art cutting technology, experience and knowledge we are able to cut virtually any material. A wide range of cutting equipment provides competitive pricing and high quality regardless of the gasket size or quantity. A large range of presses, special cutting tools and also a skilled team for the swift production of small quantities are available which include ceramic, fiberglass, rubber and electrical insulating material as well as gaskets and shims.
We offer the following services through our Off-site & On-site Field Personnel and through our dedicated established network throughout the world :
 Gasket Installation
 Packing Installation
 On-site Fabrication of Gaskets
 Expansion Joint Installation
 Flange Leak Trouble-Shooting
 Gasket Design and Bolting Calculations
 Product / Application Catalog


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